Welcome back.

After writing hundreds of beer blog posts in my brain over the last year or so, I figure it’s “time to get the band back together” and starting writing again.

Few things are better than meeting fellow beer geeks and talking beers over a well-made beer, and a blog is one way to keep the conversation going.

There have been a couple of incarnations of this blog over the years, at a couple of different sites, but what I am looking for right now is to re-boot, start over and keep up the posts. I have completely cleared the blog, and we’re starting anew.

I will be adding a good number of past posts with their dates so you can put them in context. Some are evergreen, they are as topical today as they were three years ago, and some are a little dated.

The most important thing here is for your to respond. What do you think about what I think?